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DFARS 252.227-7039 Patents--Reporting of Subject Inventions. Basic (Apr 1990)

As prescribed in 227.303(1), use the clause at 252.227-7039, Patents—Reporting of Subject Inventions, in solicitations and contracts containing the clause at FAR 52.227-11, Patent Rights—Ownership by the Contractor.


The Contractor shall furnish the Contracting Officer the following:

      (a)  Interim reports every twelve (12) months (or such longer period as may be specified by the Contracting Officer) from the date of the contract, listing subject inventions during that period and stating that all subject inventions have been disclosed or that there are no such inventions.

      (b)  A final report, within three (3) months after completion of the contracted work, listing all subject inventions or stating that there were no such inventions.

      (c)  Upon request, the filing date, serial number and title, a copy of the patent application and patent number, and issue data for any subject invention for which the Contractor has retained title.

      (d)  Upon request, the Contractor shall furnish the Government an irrevocable power to inspect and make copies of the patent application file.

(End of clause)


Prime’s obligation;
Large business ✖ Not a major defense system ✖ Non-R&D ✖ 
⚠ =52.227-11 Basic


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