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DFARS 252.227-7009 Reporting and Payment of Royalties. Basic (Aug 1984)

As prescribed at 227.7009-4(d), insert the following clause in patent releases, license agreements, and assignments: (1) The contract should contain a provision specifying the office designated within the specific Department involved to make any necessary reports to the contractor of the extent of use of the licensed subject matter by the entire Department, and such office shall be charged with the responsibility of obtaining from all procuring offices of that Department the information necessary to make the required reports and corresponding vouchers necessary to make the required payments. The clause at 252.227-7009 is a sample for expressing reporting and payment of royalties requirements. (2) Where more than one Department or Government Agency is licensed and there is a ceiling on the royalties payable in any reporting period, the licensing Departments or Agencies shall coordinate with respect to the pro rata share of royalties to be paid by each.


      (a)  The (procuring office) shall, on or before the sixtieth (60th) day next following the end of each yearly* period ending _________________ during which royalties have accrued under this license, deliver to the Contractor, subject to military security regulations, a report in writing furnishing necessary information relative to royalties which have accrued under this contract.

      (b)  Royalties which have accrued under this contract during the yearly* period ending ________________ shall be paid to the Contractor (if appropriations therefor are available or become available) within sixty (60) days next following the receipt of a voucher from the Contractor submitted in accordance with the report referred to in (a) of this clause; Provided, that the Government shall not be obligated to pay, in respect of any such yearly period, on account of the combined royalties accruing under this contract directly and under any separate licenses granted pursuant to the “License to Other Government Agencies” clause (if any) of this contract, an amount greater than ________ dollars ($_________), and if such combined royalties exceed the said maximum yearly obligation, each department or agency shall pay a pro rata share of the said maximum yearly obligation as determined by the proportion its accrued royalties bear to the combined total of accrued royalties.

(End of clause)

*The frequency, date, and length of reporting periods should be selected as appropriate to the particular circumstances of the contract.


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