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DFARS 252.227-7032 Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software (Foreign). Basic (Jun 1975)

As prescribed in 227.7103-17, the clause at 252.227-7032, Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software (Foreign), may be used in contracts with foreign contractors to be performed overseas, except Canadian purchases (see paragraph (c) of this subsection), in lieu of the clause at 252.227-7013, Rights in Technical Data—Noncommercial Items, when the Government requires the unrestricted right to use, modify, reproduce, perform, display, release or disclose all technical data to be delivered under the contract. Do not use the clause in contracts for existing or special works. (b) When the Government does not require unlimited rights, the clause at 252.227-7032 may be modified to accommodate the needs of a specific overseas procurement situation. The Government should obtain rights in the technical data that are not less than the rights the Government would have obtained under the data rights clause(s) prescribed in this part for a comparable procurement performed within the United States or its outlying areas.


The United States Government may duplicate, use, and disclose in any manner for any purposes whatsoever, including delivery to other governments for the furtherance of mutual defense of the United States Government and other governments, all technical data including reports, drawings and blueprints, and all computer software, specified to be delivered by the Contractor to the United States Government under this contract.

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