DFARS 252.225-7006 Acquisition of the American Flag. Basic (Aug 2015) (Current)

As prescribed in 225.7002-3(c), unless an exception at 225.7002-2 applies—(c) Use the clause at 252.225-7006, Acquisition of the American Flag, in solicitations and contracts, including solicitations and contracts using FAR part 12 procedures for the acquisition of commercial items, that are for the acquisition of the American flag, with an estimated value that exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold.


      (a)  Definition.  “United States,” as used in this clause, means the 50 States, the District of Columbia, and outlying areas.

      (b)  If the Contractor is required to deliver under this contract one or more American flags (Product or Service Code 8345), such flag(s), including the materials and components thereof, shall be manufactured in the United States, consistent with the requirements at 10 U.S.C. 2533a (commonly known as the “Berry Amendment”).

      (c)  This clause does not apply to the acquisition of any end items or components related to flying or displaying the flag (e.g., flagpoles and accessories).

(End of clause)


Prime’s obligation;
Services ✖   DFARS 212.301 (Applies to acquisitions for the American flag.);

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