FAR 52.244-5 Competition in Subcontracting. Basic (Dec 1996) (Current)

As prescribed in 44.204(c), the contracting officer shall, when contracting by negotiation, insert the clause at 52.244-5, Competition in Subcontracting, in solicitations and contracts when the contract amount is expected to exceed the simplified acquisition threshold, unless—

    (1) A firm-fixed-price contract, awarded on the basis of adequate price competition or whose prices are set by law or regulation, is contemplated; or

    (2) A time-and-materials, labor-hour, or architect-engineer contract is contemplated.

Competition in Subcontracting (Dec 1996)

    (a) The Contractor shall select subcontractors (including suppliers) on a competitive basis to the maximum practical extent consistent with the objectives and requirements of the contract.

    (b) If the Contractor is an approved mentor under the Department of Defense Pilot Mentor-Protégé Program (Pub. L. 101-510, section 831 as amended), the Contractor may award subcontracts under this contract on a noncompetitive basis to its protégés.

(End of clause)


Prime’s Interest;
Time and Materials ✖ Architect-Eng ✖ Doesn't apply if the contract will be performed on a firm-fixed-price basis awarded on the basis of adequate competion or is of time-and-materials or labor-hour type.

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