GSA 552.236-73 Basis of Award—Construction Contract. Basic (Apr 1985) (Current)

As prescribed in 536.570-4, (a) Insert a provision substantially the same as 552.236-73, Basis of Award—Construction Contract, in solicitations for fixed-price construction contracts except if any of the following conditions apply:

(1) The solicitation requires the submission of a lump-sum bid only.

(2) The solicitation is for an indefinite quantity contract.

(3) The contract amount is not expected to exceed the simplified acquisition threshold.

(b) Instructions for use.

If the solicitation requests the submission of a

Then use the

(1) Base bid and unit prices

Basic provision

(2) Base bid and options

Provision with its Alternate I.

(3) Base bid and alternates

Provision with its Alternate II

(4) Base bid, alternates, and options

Provision with its Alternate III

Basis of Award—Construction Contract (Apr 1985)

(a) The low bidder for purposes of award is the responsible bidder offering the lowest price for the base bid (consisting of the lump sum bid and any associated unit price bids extended by the applicable number of units shown on the bid form). See Standard Form 1442, Solicitation, Offer, and Award and the provision entitled “Contract Award—Sealed Bidding.”

(b) A bid may be rejected as nonresponsive if the bid is materially unbalanced as to bid prices. A bid is unbalanced when the bid is based on prices significantly less than cost for some work and significantly overstated for other work.

(End of provision)


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