DFARS 252.219-7010 Notification of Competition Limited to Eligible 8(a) Concerns—Partnership Agreement. Basic (Mar 2016)

As prescribed in 219.811-3(2), use the clause at 252.219-7010, Notification of Competition Limited to Eligible 8(a) Concerns—Partnership Agreement, in lieu of the clause at FAR 52.219-18, Notification of Competition Limited to Eligible 8(a) Concerns, in competitive solicitations and contracts when the acquisition is accomplished using the procedures of FAR 19.805 and processed in accordance with the PA cited in 219.800.


      (a)  Offers are solicited only from small business concerns expressly certified by the Small Business Administration (SBA) for participation in the SBA’s 8(a) Program and which meet the following criteria at the time of submission of offer:

              (1)  The Offeror is in conformance with the 8(a) support limitation set forth in its approved business plan.

              (2)  The Offeror is in conformance with the Business Activity Targets set forth in its approved business plan or any remedial action directed by the SBA.

              (3)  If the competition is to be limited to 8(a) concerns within one or more specific SBA regions or districts, then the offeror’s approved business plan is on the file and serviced by ____________________________. [Contracting Officer completes by inserting the appropriate SBA District and/or Regional Office(s) as identified by the SBA.]

      (b)  By submission of its offer, the Offeror represents that it meets all of the criteria set forth in paragraph (a) of this clause.

      (c)  Any award resulting from this solicitation will be made directly by the Contracting Officer to the successful 8(a) offeror selected through the evaluation criteria set forth in this solicitation.

      (d)(1)  Agreement. A small business concern submitting an offer in its own name shall furnish, in performing the contract, only end items manufactured or produced by small business concerns in the United States or its outlying areas, unless—

                    (i)  The SBA has determined that there are no small business manufacturers or processors in the Federal market place in accordance with FAR 19.502-2(c);

                    (ii)  The acquisition is processed under simplified acquisition procedures and the total amount of this contract does not exceed $25,000, in which case a small business concern may furnish the product of any domestic firm; or

                    (iii)  The acquisition is a construction or service contract.

              (2)  The ___________________ [insert name of SBA's contractor] will notify the __________________ [insert name of contracting agency] Contracting Officer in writing immediately upon entering an agreement (either oral or written) to transfer all or part of its stock or other ownership interest to any other party.

(End of clause)


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