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DFARS 252.233-7001 Choice of Law (Overseas). Basic (Jun 1997)

As prescribed in 233.215-70, use the clause at 252.233-7001, Choice of Law (Overseas), in solicitations and contracts when contract performance will be outside the United States and its outlying areas, unless otherwise provided for in a government-to-government agreement.
CHOICE OF LAW (OVERSEAS) (JUN 1997) This contract shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the substantive laws of the United States of America. By the execution of this contract, the Contractor expressly agrees to waive any rights to invoke the jurisdiction of local national courts where this contract is performed and agrees to accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals and the United States Court of Federal Claims for the hearing and determination of any and all disputes that may arise under the Disputes clause of this contract. (End of clause)
Prime’s Interest;
Domestic ✖ 


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